What men don`t say: 10 female mistakes in sex

Remember the most common female mistakes in sex and never make them if you don`t want to earn honorary title of “my worst.”

Pranks of humor: don`t have fun in bed

Incredibly, but fact is that naked person has almost no sense of humor. Therefore, an awkward joke can end romantic night. And if you want to laugh at physique, movements or intimate habits of your partner, then be prepared for fact that you will never see him again. Men love cheerful girls, but laughter and sex are incompatible.

Mark territory: don`t leave marks

Any man dreams of passionate lover, but few people want everyone to know about her presence. Pumps, scratches and bite marks obtained in bed battles are perceived as attempt to leave their mark, that is, to some extent – assign a partner. In sex, there are also certain rules of etiquette, and such “signs of love” definitely don`t fit into them.

Miss imperfection: forget about figure

Men and outside the bedroom annoying our concern for their appearance. And so during sex, it`s completely outraged. Believe me, if you always think about how you look from the side, a man will notice it. No one is interested in lover, who almost doesn`t pay attention to process, but all time thinks about how her breasts look in this perspective.

Relax: if man wants you, then it doesn’t matter to him that you have cellulite on buttocks and two extra pounds at waist. But if you constantly pay attention to his imperfections, he can really think about them.

North Pole: don’t be indifferent

Since you are under one blanket, it`s stupid to depict Snow Queen, whose sex is completely uninteresting. Inaccessibility can inflame passion, but only at stage of courtship. When it comes to sex, man wants to see that he excites you as much as you excite him – otherwise what was it all for? Between Miss World, who pretends that everything that happens doesn’t concern her while making love, and non-beauty who sincerely loves sex, ten out of ten men will choose the second option. Do not hesitate to show your feelings – it turns on and makes man feel like a hero. And self-love, as you know, is main male erogenous zone.

Animal Passion: Don’t Replay

What looks good in porn movies can be ridiculous in real life. Don`t overestimate your acting skills and don`t try to play crazy passion, if you don`t experience it. Otherwise, you risk becoming heroine of poetry of poet Vishnevsky: “I didn’t love you as much as you moaned”.

Any man with little bit of bed experience understands that from one kiss you are unlikely to be hammered into passionate convulsions, and can distinguish real orgasm from rough fake. Approximately 70% of women imitate “peak of bliss” from time to time, and as many men know that from time to time their partner “includes an actress”.

Talk show: shut up

Bedroom isn`t a place for small talk. By making love, man is able to concentrate on one thing — either on sex or on maintaining conversation. This is not harm, but physiology – one part of the brain is responsible for excitation, and other is responsible for speech. Ahi, ooh and sighs give birth, but endless questions on topic “Are you ok with me? And how good? And how much? ”Distract and anger. A good lover is silent lover.

I`m not like this: do not be offended

By unconventional types of sex and bedding games can be treated differently. Someone loves vibrators and disguises, someone doesn`t love them. But intimate preferences aren`t written on your forehead. And if man offers you something that doesn`t attract you, don`t be offended and declare that role-playing game with teacher and dweller is below your dignity. After such sharp rebuff, man will feel like complete fool and pervert, and this doesn`t contribute to erection. Better agree – at the same time experience something new. What if you like it?

Rating: don`t compare

Who told you that your man wants to hear that he kisses better than other, hundred times more inventive than other and he has more manhood than other? Of course, your partner understands that you didn’t live in monastery before meeting him, but it’s not necessary to remind him about it. And, even more so it shouldn`t be compared with former, even if comparison is in his favor. Fact that you can`t praise your ex-lovers, and you shouldn`t say – no sane woman wouldn`t do such blatant nonsense.

Terribly beautiful: watch yourself

Men calmly relate to minor imperfections of appearance, but they can’t stand unclean women. Hardened heels, shabby lacquer, “nest” instead of neat epilation, washed clothes and unwashed hair don`t excite anyone. Even if you have been dating for a long time, he still wants to see diva in bed, and not a mess. Yes, most likely, man wouldn`t notice that you spent day in the Spa-salon, wouldn`t pay attention to fresh pedicure and new haircut. But absence of all these efforts will definitely strike him.

Let me take initiative

At the very beginning of relationship, it`s more interesting for man to be hunter than a victim. Most of representatives of stronger sex believe that for first time initiative should come from them. But in future they also count on your enthusiasm. Women’s initiative – most powerful weapon, and don`t neglect them.