4 Surefire Ways To Surprise Man In Bed

Men, creatures with fine mental organization, often dream of giving initiative to female hands, but are embarrassed to say so.


Men hardly tolerate monotony. Сlassic “I’ll come home, you sit there” (in our case, “lie”) can quench his lust if you constantly make love according to same scenario. Dinner, shower, bed, half an hour of passionate hugs, seven minutes with sandwich, always classic or only oral sex – it doesn`t matter. It`s important that repetition in this case isn`t at all mother of learning.

Who will you be – Lolita in school uniform (don`t forget touching white socks and underwear of same color) with lollipop in her hand, seductive maid, sexy stewardess ready to send him to seventh heaven or seductive nurse who will have to undergo number of medical manipulations – you decide. Be sure to think over scenario of erotic action and your own cues, so as not to get confused.


This night is perfect time for breaking patterns. Down with stereotypes – allow yourself to forget for while that “a real woman never”, “only women of easy virtue do this”, “this is lesson for perverts”. Choose underwear in which you will feel relaxed and sexy. Even if in ordinary life you love cotton underwear with cartoon prints, try to do without it today (unless you are Lolita). There are two basic rules – you should be comfortable moving in it, and in it you should feel like queen of temptation.

But rule number 1 doesn`t apply to shoes – feel free to choose shoes or sandals with highest possible heels that will turn you into long-legged lady. It is unlikely that you will have to move in them over long distances – maximum to bed. But what a visual effect!

Change location

You can make love in bed any other day. This time try to find worthy alternative – it can become, for example, kitchen and bathroom. In kitchen, empty table. Make sure that there are no breakable utensils, sharp-cutting objects on it, and magnetic board with knives doesn`t hang behind you. Drop something on floor and lift it to show most attractive parts of your body from right angle.

Starting position: sit on the table, pull your knees toward you, body weight should be on feet, not on buttocks. Partner is located between hips, he must wrap you in hug – his task is to control both his own and your movements, holding his buttocks. Tip: for maximum pleasure, don`t be afraid to tear your “Madame Sitting” from table. Partner, in turn, should strive to ensure that you “hang” over the edge of the table.

On washing machine. Age of machine you are sitting on doesn`t matter. On contrary, the older machine, the higher and more intense it bounces during operation. Main thing is that it doesn`t fall apart under you from loads. Starting position: load machine in such a way as to demonstrate new erotic lingerie or lack thereof under clothing.

As an option – take off your laundry and send it to washer. Then sit on typewriter from above, lean back and fix your position, leaning on both hands.

Standing partner is located between your hips. Tip: don`t forget to turn on typewriter! Her vibrations will give you both new sensation.

If you have already done all this, you always have unhurried sex in bathroom, fast on stairs, least traumatic on floor, extreme in car and in fitting room in store.

Boost arousal

There are a lot of means that aggravate desire: erotic massage with aromatic oils, perfumes with aphrodisiacs, spaniards, and so on. But before you light candle, incense stick, or get bottle of oil, smell of which you like, check if your beloved is allergic to any of above, does he have asthma.

Tip: if you have allergy, take regular, baby instead of massage oil. Be sure to warm your hands. Start process with limbs, and only then move on to back, chest, stomach and other important parts of male body. Your task is to find middle ground: you will be too gentle, risk that he will fall asleep right away increases. If your movements are too energetic, on contrary, there will not even be hint of eroticism. Use not only your hands, but also your tongue. If your parameters allow (partner can support weight of your body), try to increase area of ​​contact between body and body.