Men Intimate Plastic – Applying of Fillers

Men Intimate Plastic

Converting priorities of society, morality and consciousness will inevitably lead to the fact that one of the pillars of modern medicine becomes improve the quality of human life. Sexual life of an adult has integrated into all spheres of vital activity. Our well-being (mood and health, success in life and career) largely depends on the harmony in the sexual sphere.

Frustration of sexual activity is often a cause of unhappy marriages; breakdown of the family, divorce, that is, this problem has social significance. The number of divorces in recent years tends to increase. Among the reasons for the divorce sexual disharmony occupies a prominent position. That is why from the moment of entering into the practice of cosmetology and plastic surgery procedures of intimate sphere, adjusting the shape and structure of the external genitals in both men and women, causes a steady interest of both patients and doctors.

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