What methods of physiotherapy are used in violation of potency?


How to treat erectile dysfunction at home?

To date, the question of how to avoid erectile dysfunction has no clear answer, so you have to limit yourselves to only general recommendations. To prevent the development of erectile dysfunction one should:
– lead a normal healthy life, eat properly and regularly, do exercises, monitor their health;
– not to binge tobacco, alcohol, do not use narcotic drugs;
– not use drugs that can cause erectile dysfunction, or use them only strictly prescribed by a doctor, according to the instructions for their use;
– maintain a regular sex life without long periods of abstinence and sexual misconduct;
– be sure to consult an urologist if there are injured pelvic area, perineum, if you have surgery on the pelvis, if you have diabetes or hypertension.

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How to restore erection, increase libido and brightness of sensation?

Herbal treatment is one of the most proven ways to get rid of impotency. You can prepare herbal tea using one of the following combinations (all the herbs are selected in equal proportions):

– Leaves of cranberries, elecampane root, knotweed grass, chamomile, motherwort, celandine, yarrow and fennel;
– coriander fruits, licorice, plantain, birch buds, dandelion root, wormwood, Echinops root, calendula flowers, wintergreen, grass and chicory root of Polygonum snake;
– knotweed grass, nettle, grass shepherd’s purse, calendula, plantain, fennel, chamomile, burdock root, primrose root, horsetail, thyme, celandine;
– St. John’s wort, wintergreen, fennel, plantain, wormwood, sweet flag root, knotweed grass, yarrow and coriander;
– coriander, chamomile, wintergreen, angelica root, calendula, St. John’s wort, grass smartweed, watch list and burdock root;
– St. John’s wort, stinging nettle, birch buds, horsetail, plantain, grass shepherd’s purse, thyme, herb centaury and root smartweed.

Applied comprehensive physiotherapy methods allow: effectively improve erections, enhance orgasmic sensations, increase the volume of ejaculate, increase confidence in the successful completion of sexual act, to restore “libido-desire” and the brightness sensation. Mostly, physical therapy is more effective than different pills for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
Sedative techniques: color therapy, transcranial electro-stimulation, electrically induced sleep, electrophoresis; Trophostimulating methods: laser therapy, rectal electro-stimulation, ultrasound therapy, mud therapy, interferential; Presecretion correction method: trans-cerebral UHF-therapy, ozone therapy; Vasodilading methods: SMT-therapy, LNP-therapy hyperthermal magnetotherapy of prostate.

What improves erection? How to avoid erectile dysfunction?

Traditional methods have always been simple and laconic. And such an intimate problem as impotency, is not at issue in this case.

The difference between natural home remedies and homeopathic treatment are first of all, in the fact that homeopathy has much more side effects. But the treatment of impotency in convenient home environment with natural means may be much more productive.

Regular physical activity is necessary. The fact is that the erection occurs when blood flow to the penis increases. In order to achieve results on it is rather a daily to walk briskly three kilometers.

Try gymnastics. This efficient method of impotency treatment at home is recommended by German colleagues. Walk barefoot. In the human foot there are several points, responsible for the strengthening of sexuality in general and erection, in particular: at the base of the thumb, on the outside of the foot, between the heel and the little finger and on the arch of the foot. It is enough to give up of the house slippers, and things will go smoothly. Do not use any medication that can cause erectile dysfunction, or use them only strictly prescribed by a doctor, according with instructions for their use.

Keep a regular sex life without long periods of abstinence and sexual excesses. The body, on a regular basis to get a fresh dose of pleasure hormones, produces a conditioned reflex to sex.

Men Intimate Plastic – Applying of Fillers

Men Intimate Plastic

Converting priorities of society, morality and consciousness will inevitably lead to the fact that one of the pillars of modern medicine becomes improve the quality of human life. Sexual life of an adult has integrated into all spheres of vital activity. Our well-being (mood and health, success in life and career) largely depends on the harmony in the sexual sphere.

Frustration of sexual activity is often a cause of unhappy marriages; breakdown of the family, divorce, that is, this problem has social significance. The number of divorces in recent years tends to increase. Among the reasons for the divorce sexual disharmony occupies a prominent position. That is why from the moment of entering into the practice of cosmetology and plastic surgery procedures of intimate sphere, adjusting the shape and structure of the external genitals in both men and women, causes a steady interest of both patients and doctors.

The Intimate Essence of Contouring

This is method of introduction of hyaluronic acid gel into the region of the external genitalia, where it is necessary to fill the volume of soft tissue, increase moisture and sensitivity. One of the most difficult questions of human sexuality – is a man’s sexuality.

It merges a lot of very diverse problems:

  • the anatomical and physiological characteristics;
  • sexual response;
  • sexual scenarios.

According to statistics, most often sexual problems among men occur against the background of insufficient size of the penis and premature ejaculation.

Many men do not know about methods that can solve their problems related to dissatisfaction with their appearance, in particular the injection plastic penis.

If the patient has problems related to insufficient size of the penis, which causes him to avoid sexual intercourse, the success of the intimate plastics can greatly improve both qualitative and quantitative aspect of sexuality. For intimate plastics of penile specialists use viscoelastic gels of hyaluronic acid.

Features of the Injection

The composition of these modern drugs differs from the fillers used by beauticians during contouring the face.

  1. The drug is easily administered;
  2. Well distributed in the tissues;
  3. Effectively compensates for volume;
  4. Provides long-lasting results (up to 8-12 months.);
  5. Contains a hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, obtained by bio fermentation that virtually eliminates the possibility of allergic reactions.

Indications for intimate contouring among men – is plastic and increase the glans penis; treatment of premature ejaculation.

Side effects:

  • After the injection, it may be a local inflammatory reaction (redness, swelling, itching);
  • Minor bleeding at injection points and smaller hematoma (bruises);
  • Sometimes there is compaction and pigmentation in the injection zone.

Before the procedure should be avoided taking aspirin or vitamin C for a week. It is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, ultraviolet radiation, temperatures below 0° C, and no access to the sauna and bath for 2 weeks after the injection. It is recommended to avoid sexual intercourse for 2 weeks after the injection.

Contraindications for the procedure:

  • Patients with a tendency to the formation of keloid and hypertrophic scars;
  • Patients who have had strep infections;
  • Patients with known allergy to hyaluronic acid;
  • Patients with autoimmune diseases;
  • Patients with foci of inflammation or infection (herpes, etc.) in the area of the proposed injection.

Within a few weeks the man can feel relaxed in the intimate life that will positively impact on the process.

Low Testosterone Levels. Helpful Tips To Solve The Problem

Low Testosterone LevesTestosterone is a natural body hormone. It is produced mainly in the man’s body. According to the scientific surveys, it mainly produced in your testicles and helps to increase the production of sperm.

Also, a normal T-Level ensures your sexual activity, builds strong bones and body muscles. Find out more useful information about this hormone on http://www.hormone.org/hormones-and-health/what-do-hormones-do/what-does-testosterone-do

Basic functions of the testosterone

Stable testosterone level is a very important thing for the man’s body. Here’s some of the basic T-Functions:

  1. increases muscle mass;
  2. burns fat;
  3. improves your metabolism;
  4. builds strong bones;
  5. provides protection against cardiovascular and other diseases;
  6. it also provides regular erections and good sexual activity;
  7. controls the production of sperm in the testicles;
  8. increases your life;
  9. provides your energy level and makes you full of enthusiasm;
  10. it also forms a man’s character.

Low T-Level Symptoms

Production of a testosterone depends on your age. Usually, 50+ year old man starts to feel following symptoms (which show a low level of hormone in the blood):

  1. decreased sexual desire (or low libido);
  2. erectile dysfunction;
  3. reducing body hair (especially in the area of the genital organs);
  4. reducing the volume and density of the testicles;
  5. increased irritability;
  6. decreased ability to concentrate;
  7. the decline of cognitive function and memory;
  8. depression;
  9. insomnia;
  10. reduced muscle mass;
  11. increasing the amount of adipose tissue;
  12. osteoporosis;
  13. reduced skin tone;
  14. low volume of semen during sex.

Read more about symptoms on http://www.healthline.com/health/low-testosterone/warning-signs

Remember, high level of cholesterol, diabetes, obesity or chronic narcotic abuse can cause low T-Level even if you’re a young man. Watch what you eat, avoid sugar and unhealthy habits.

Try to use natural boosters

The best way to solve a problem with your T-Level is to use natural boosters. In a small amount, they do not bring harm to your body. There is no common solution for the problems with testosterone level, but you can find appropriate ways to solve the problem by using natural boosters.

What is meant by definition of “natural boosters”? That’s what it means:

  • healthy sleep. Adults also need a healthy and regular sleep. Sleep at least 7-10 hours per day. After one or two weeks you will notice that health started to come back to normal and testosterone level increased;
  • regular work out. Try to do sprinting, heavy lifting, forced reps and work your legs. You should also pay special attention to rest between reps of exercises. Interval between reps – 2 minutes;
  • get Zink. This natural element helps you to feel better, by regulating serum testosterone levels. Sources of Zink are beans, seafood, whole grains, nuts. Remember, you should aim to get 10-12 mg of Zink each day;
  • eat less sugar. This product causes diabetes, which could lead to low T-level and even to erectile dysfunction;
  • control your weight. Overweight – is the first reason for the low testosterone level in the blood. To solve the problem, try to eat healthy food (especially whole grains) and to work out regularly.

Watch out more information about natural boosters here http://www.healthline.com/health/low-testosterone/natural-boosters#Diagnosis7